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How much time does CD Duplication Take?

CD Duplication Toronto- How much time does it take?

CD duplication Toronto is a great medium. In the past, companies or individuals who wanted to share information, create photographs, resumes, charts, catalogues, and publications spent a lot of time and money in expensive impressions, copies, and reproductions…a heavy workload, which in many cases was discarded in a wastebasket.

With the introduction of CD technology, these efforts were easily reduced to the creation of a compact disc, containing all the information, documents, images, presentations, videos and music, necessaries to be shared. This is an easy medium to work with because it can be made in your office with your own computer by using the burner technology that’s included in most models. But, if you need more than two or three copies of excellent quality, then it is important to ask for the help of professionals who are ready with the expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment to grant you excellence in copying of your information,

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How much time does CD Duplication Toronto take?

Most CD duplication Toronto companies require a minimum of 100-1000 pieces to be duplicated with a turnaround time of two to five business days. For more than 100000 pieces it takes seven to ten days. Perhaps you are thinking that it is a very long time given the high speed of the duplicators, but really this time includes several services that require special care in order to get you a final product of great quality.

The true professionals will check the quality of the original content on the Master disc. They make changes to improve the resolution of the images and texts, also corrections in audio and video if required, before duplication begins. The artwork for the disc label and packaging is also checked before printing begins.

This optimization procedure may take from a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on the quality of the originals.

After the optimization of the originals, and before the burning of all the pieces, starts the time needed for printing the labels and covers. This part of duplication requires special care in detail such as Author, Name, and all the information included on the CD. Many authors prefer to show a little index on the cover of each one.

There are several ways to perform this, you can choose between offset, that is less expensive but takes longer digital printing made in high tech printers and laser engraving that is the most expensive method. Either digital printing or laser engraving is the fastest and requires less time.

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Always contact experts that are ready to dedicate all the necessary time to your media duplication project because you want your project done right the first time in a timely manner.

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