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CD Duplication Toronto

You have your content and you want to make many copies of it for your business. When you are in this situation, you start wondering how much will it cost and if you could burn the disc yourself to save some money. We are aware of this frequent concern, so we want to explain the cost associated with the process of CD duplication and also mention the importance of making this process with a professional with the right equipment. Even if you decide not to work with us, it is important that you know what you can expect to pay for this service and why it has to be done professionally.

Costs of CD Duplication in Toronto

The process of duplication is similar to burning a CD on your personal computer. The data is extracted from the master copy by the duplicating unit and then written it into a blank disc. Let’s say you already know what the process is and what the difference between duplication and replication is, so let’s have a look at the costs. What you can expect to pay can be divided in materials, equipment, and personnel. This basic cost can be affected by factors such as accessories, order size, and urgency.

The direct cost, and most obvious one, is the number of blank discs used, which can be standard recordable discs or special-shaped ones. The cost of equipment has to do with maintenance and renovation of the devices used to produce the duplicates. Remember that these are much more sophisticated machines than the regular burning units computers have so they are expensive. The cost of personnel is basically the salaries of the experienced people who are in charge of the process and make sure every single copy turns out perfectly.

Among the factors affecting costs, the size of the order is a determinant. Economy of scale plays an important role and unit cost is much lower for larger orders. On the other hand, urgency can increase costs, because those priority orders tend to cost a little more, so keep in mind that if you want accessories like sleeves, cases or special label prints, prices will be higher.

It’s hard to give an exact price without knowing the details of the project, but you can always ask for a free quote to get more precise information and here you can give yourself an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Always choose the experts when you need CD Duplication for your business

The advantages of CD duplication are that when burning copies of your discs there are no minimum order requirements, it doesn’t matter if you need just one or over a million units. The turn-over times are very short, so time is also a great advantage. If you require, the CDs can have a custom cover and package, with full-colour printing, suitable for photographs, complex graphics or a corporate image of your business.

However, there are also some risks involving quality of burned copies if proper equipment isn’t used; some of the information might be damaged in the process and sound and images may not be perfectly aligned when duplicated. That is why we don’t recommend making duplicates for your business yourself.

After all, if you are going to pay money to make copies of your material, make sure that the company you hire has the right equipment and offers you the best quality. You can always ask for a free quote to have a better idea of what you can expect to pay for this service in Toronto.

Contact VCM today to speak to us about your CD duplication needs, or visit us at, we are always happy to help you in all possible ways. Whether it would be something related to media duplication or the technical aspect of video production, we will guide you with the best of our knowledge!