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CD Duplication Toronto - compact-diskEven in the digital age CD duplication Toronto can help your business. A compact disc (CD) is a portable storage medium that can be used to store, record and play back audio, video and other data in digital form. The first commercial compact disc was produced in 1982 and was co-developed by Philips & Sony. The first recording was from 1979 of Claudio Arrau performing Chopin waltzes. The first popular CD produced was The Visitors by Abba. The compact disc quickly overtook vinyl records. Since its inception there are a variety of uses for discs and they are easy to duplicate by means of CD and DVD duplication Toronto.  First of all, discs offer a tangible medium for things like your audio and music productions. There are many different packaging options such as a jewel case with an insert and traycard, cardboard sleeves, digipaks as well as custom design options to make it unique to your marketing needs. It also serves the purpose of saving data and other files by burning them to a compact disc. This is great so you can save digital files such as pictures, documents etc. onto a disc that are safe for years to come. It’s always good to make a back-up copy incase the disc is damaged by scratches, heat etc. What’s great is that CD’s can keep for decades. They are actually more reliable and secure than a hard drive because the data cannot be erased or lost.

VCM Interactive is a corporate video production company that provides creative development, video production, 2D & 3D animation Toronto, motion graphics, video editing, post production and media duplication services including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB and SD cards for corporate, broadcast, and digital.  VCM has been offering professional CD duplication Toronto services since the late 1980’s, so we know the market very well.  We strive for excellence in customer service, great quality and competitive pricing.

CD Duplication Toronto – How CD’s help business

There are many ways that CD’s can help your business:

  1. Audio CD so you can record your audio tracks for distribution. Comes in handy if you are a music business or a musician because it is very cost effective to produce many copies at one time using CD duplication Toronto services.
  2. Data CD to record and store important files, music, videos, photographs etc.
  3. Photo CD – the first Photo CD was designed by Kodak. You can use it to store photos at high resolution and/or create a slideshow for easy viewing.
  4. Video CD – good for viewing and storing small video clips

As you can see there are a lot of uses for CDs. The medium is still used in today’s digital age when more and more content is online. They can be beneficial for your marketing campaign because they are cost effective, easy to duplicate, distribute and offer a tangible item for your clients, customers or for internal use. They are secure and can last a very long time. If you need CD duplication VCM is happy to help. Contact us today to find out what your options are.