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CD Duplication TorontoUsing CD Duplication Toronto can work for your business in so many ways. For example, it has taken your business a lot of effort to create the perfect presentation or the ideal video to promote your brand. Now you want to deliver it to your customers in a tangible way that looks professional, so you’ve decided to use a compact disc. If you are in this situation you probably wonder if you should do either CD duplication or replication service to make the copies. Aware of this concern, we want to point out the difference between both processes so you can pick the right solution when you need to make several copies of the disc you require while keeping the content intact.

CD Duplication Toronto and Replication services

Both duplication and replication refer to making copies of a CD, DVD or Blu-ray. Replication is the process where a flawless glass master is created and is used to develop a stamper. The stamper is then loaded into an injection Molding machine that creates replicates of your disc. These copies are like the kind you get when buying a music disc at a music store, which have a silver look. On the other hand, duplication is the process of using a disc recorder to burn data into a pre-manufactured recordable blank disc.

Making duplicates of your content is similar to burning a disc on your computer at home. The unit takes the data from the original disc and writes it to a blank compact disc or DVD. However, professional equipment can produce duplicates in large number, making many copies simultaneously.

The replication process involves developing a stamper mold with all the content from the Glass Master and then loaded into an injection machine that creates the replicates. This actually creates many identical discs from the original content, rather than burning it, which is great for mass quantities in the 1000’s. This process often requires a longer turnaround time and minimum orders of over a 250 units to cover the cost of making the stamper mold.

Both methods extract data from the original content (Master disc) and the finished product performs in the same manner. However, there are some visual differences depending on how the discs are printed. These processes also differ in terms of standard turnaround time, minimum order requirements, and unit costs. After the burning process is complete, the final product is a CD-R or a DVD-R. Replication stampers produce CD-ROMs or DVD-5, 9, 10, or 18.

The duplicate can be applied with photo-glossy labels printed in a high-quality. This allows full-color printing, suitable for photographs or complex gradients. With a compact disc, Replication silk screening is done for the disc label which has much better color matching capability.

Benefits of CD Duplication Toronto

There are many advantages for choosing CD duplication when you need to make copies of your content. This process is ideal for smaller orders, it allows for full-color printing and the turnaround times are very fast, only a few days or hours. An additional advantage of duplicated discs is that they can be delivered with printed labels, but blank, for you to burn your own customized content in-house. This is very useful if your marketing strategy includes sending individual files to each client, or if your information is constantly changing.

If you only need a few copies, even a few thousand, or you need them right away, CD duplication Toronto is the best option for your business in Mississauga or surrounding areas, because the setup costs for burning discs are minimal by comparison to the set up costs of replication, so it is much more cost-effective to do smaller numbers of discs in this way. It is not only less expensive for smaller runs but it is a lot faster.

At VCM Interactive, we specialize in CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray duplication and replication services. If you are not sure which service will work in your favour, and then talk to us. We are happy to share all the possible options that will work for your business. Contact us now or go to