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When looking into a corporate video production, no one knows your business issues better than you. That’s why it’s so important to have a Discovery Meeting up front. A Discovery Meeting allows us to discuss any issues and form a strategy prior to any video being shot. This pre-production discipline is a critical first step to ensure your video contains the sharpest, most effective message possible.

A creative brief should always be provided to the video production company outlining the goal/objective, target audience, tone, message and budget. There is a synergetic process when partnering with a corporate video production company like VCM Interactive.

The all-critical discovery meeting will allow the video production company to assess your needs and budget thoroughly so they can provide feasible solutions. After all, every video production should be unique and customized. The all-critical discovery meeting will outline a creative brief and determine the following:

1. Business Objectives & Marketing Strategy

2. Budget Parameters & Timeline

3. Target audiences and their motives

4. Understand and develop organizational/product specific Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

5. Strategize and create effective messaging from the highest level

6. Conceptualize & Storyboard

Corporate video is a big production because it is a sales tool, marketing tool, communications tool and above all – a branding tool. And when effectively executed and implemented, a corporate video can transform your business and leave a memorable impression on your end audience.

VCM Interactive is a reputable Toronto Video Production company who specializes in corporate video production. Contact us for more information.