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We are excited to announce that BookNet Canada (BNC) has recently launched the explainer videos we produced for them. VCM Interactive partnered with BookNet Canada to create a series of engaging explainer videos to describe BooKNet Canada’s affordable products and how they work together to support the Canadian book industry. BookNet Canada is a not-for-profit that supports the Canadian book industry.

VCM produced the videos from concept to creation. Working closely with the client, we developed a concise and cohesive script. Canadian inspired design elements were integrated to support the brand and products/services offered. Animation accompanied with a professional female voiceover made these videos come to life.

One Explainer video was created for Publishers, one for Retailers and one for Libraries showing how BookNet Canada supports each one with their products and services.

This is what the client had to say:
“Working with VCM Interactive was a great experience for us. Their well-organized team helped us plan our video series from start to finish: from messaging and look to voiceover talent and animation…This is a hard-working, detail-oriented studio, and we’d happily work with them again.”
Joanna Karaplis, Marketing & Communications Manager, BookNet Canada

View the BNC Explainer videos below:
1. BNC PUBLISHERS EXPLAINER VIDEO – If you Publish books BookNet Canada can help!



You can view the videos on the BNC website here: