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Many videography services in Toronto are equipped to offer a full-fledged production experience from script development to video editing services. From conception to production to post production (and sometimes even marketing), these companies are able to put clients at ease with their multi-faceted and in-house approach to creating videos. Most will be staffed with writers, set designers, directors, producers, location managers, videographers, and so on. While leaving a video job in the hands of one crew can be comforting, sometimes it’s important to scrutinize the individual components of a multimedia production team. An extremely important role to inquire into is the picture editor. Ultimately, this person or team is responsible for telling your story and telling it well—well enough to compel your audience to do whatever it is you had set out for them to do.

A good video editor doesn’t just cut footage into a final product; a good editor looks for the subtleties and intricacies that matter. A good editor enhances your vision by creating moments that will resonate with an audience through pacing and shot selection. Sometimes editors are given the difficult challenge of piecing together a visual piece out of bad footage. A good editor will be resourceful and creative with what they are given and will ultimately get the job done. Editors learn who their subjects are and do their best to make people look their best. The best editors are talented at retrieving the most pertinent information from speeches, interviews, and the like. They are versatile enough to create 30-second commercial spots and 2-hour documentaries. Every element in an edit has to co-exist, from the music to the colors right down to the text. In order for an editor to accomplish this, they have to have extensive knowledge of postproduction tools like Avid, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and/or Final Cut Pro.  They are familiar with reading vectorscopes and histograms in order to produce technically sound deliverables with precise color tones. Their manipulation of sounds and images can evoke emotion to ultimately make a connection with their viewers.

If you don’t see these things in an editor’s portfolio, your best bet is to find a video editing service in Toronto that possesses these qualities. A full service video production company may be a benefit to your production since all services are under one roof so you only have to explain your project once. Needless to say, finding the right video production company for your needs is a good start so do your research.

You can have the best equipment in the world, but it means nothing without the perfect edit. At VCM interactive, we have both. Our high-grade production equipment can create some of the most vivid, cinematic visuals and capture high quality audio, but it is our team of editors that weave these images and sounds into a story that sticks. Contact us for more information about Toronto video editing services.