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If you have been looking for CD/DVD Duplication Toronto services, you must have come across tons of information on the same. While there are doomsayers claiming CD and DVDs are obsolete, you know better because they provide a longer and more impressive storage for audio and videos.

What’s more, you get to advertise with customized logos on your CDs, while Blu-Rays offer more content capacity and higher quality content.

So how does short run CD duplication feature in the picture? It is important to appreciate the fact that traditionally, duplication has tended to favor longer run services. However, this is now changing and if you are a musician, corporate entity or a film maker in Toronto who wants fewer DVDs, then this is the best option for you.

Once you identify a credible video production company for Short Run Duplication Services, you will enjoy:
1. Possibility of ordering fewer quantities even up to 50 CDs or DVDs, which makes a lot of economic sense.
2. Versatile range of services including standard CDs, Mini CDs, business cards etc.
3. Fast turnaround for of about 1 to 3 days for up to 5,000 discs.
4. Comprehensive design services of logos and CD covers. This high quality finish from a qualified video production service with lacquer coating makes your products impressive, and as they say, first impressions are crucial in marketing.

Whether you want training videos, music CDs for distribution or any other CD/DVD Duplication Toronto just call and request for a FREE duplication quote.