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DVD authoring and production still prove to be a versatile medium in an age where everything seems to be going digital. Let’s not forget that the DVD medium is still a robust format with a long life-span (100-yrs or more) that can be played in DVD players around the world. This comes in especially handy in areas and countries that don’t have a developed digital infrastructure.

Last month, VCM Interactive completed a multilingual, multimedia web application training module for one of the largest fast food chains in the world. The training modules were then created in DVD-video format with custom menus in order to be played in areas of Africa, Greece, and the Middle East. 4 languages were included on the DVD-video and it was the perfect medium for remote parts of the world where no high speed Internet exists. VCM also provided DVD replication and fulfillment services for the DVD training module to be distributed in the Middle East, Africa & Greece.

Benefits of DVD:

– A versatile and robust mediumDVD Production & Eye

– Randomly Access scenes

– Permanent Storage

– Playable in regions of the world that don’t have high speed internet

– Data protect content so it can’t be copied

– include interactive content on the disc like games as well as link back to online content

– The Tangible effect, which is good for any marketing campaign

– Custom packaging to make an impact

– NTSC and PAL formats

– Cost effective

Overall, DVD production and replication still prove to be significant mediums in today’s changing market place. Contact us to learn more about professional DVD production, DVD duplication and DVD replication services in Toronto.