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Are animated videos the future of online marketing? This is the question every marketing stakeholder is asking today in the light of increasing popularity of 3D animated videos on YouTube and other sharing forums.

If you have not started capitalizing on 3D animation Toronto services, it is time you took this seemingly trivial marketing tool seriously. Videos, according to Forrester Inc., make 40% of web traffic, and of these, animated videos are eating up a big chunks. Moreover, 68% of viewers who watch your video will pass the link to others. Talk of free marketing!

Capitalizing on the Benefits of 3D Videos

If you are interested in making your message go viral, it is time to look at what a video production service in Toronto can do for you. As professionals, this service possesses the skills, expertise, and resources to bring your video concepts to life in an engaging way through 3D animations.

Here are some other pros of incorporating motion graphics into your marketing campaigns. Take a look:

  • Greater immersion: Cisco Inc reckons that by 2017, 70% of web traffic will consist of videos. Currently, the percentage of online users getting information from videos is still high and this offers the best tool to market your business.
  • Viral aspect: If your 3D animation project is out of this world then it will go viral reaching the proverbial four corners of the world in no time. No other technique offers such leverage.
  • Higher conversion: With your content well explained, and a clear call to action included, 3D animation guarantees better rates of conversion for higher returns.
  • SEO benefits: Your business is after higher ranking and Google loves videos. If you use an expert in video production, you can bet your site will start turning up on the 1st page of your keyword searches.

The benefits go on and on; from sharable capability, increased interest in your products and services, enhanced information retention and much more. 3D animation services, with quick turnaround times, are set to revolutionize your business.