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Media, by definition is the plural of medium. Its purpose is to assist in conveying a message. When using more than one type of medium, we refer to it as multimedia.

Last month, VCM Interactive completed a multilingual, multimedia production for one of the largest fast food chains in the world. Created in four languages, the web application training module assisted employees in different parts of the world to keep the brand and its ideals in line. The training module had a good balance of audio-visual material, including: pictures, video, text, animation, motion, flash, voiceover and sound effects. Combined, these elements produced an effective and immersive experience for the end user. VCM also created a DVD training module to be used in remote areas that don’t have Internet access. (Look out for a future blog post about the advantages of DVD Production.)

Here are some of the advantages of a Multimedia Production:

–       Combination of audio visual media158220253

–       Interactive content

–       Caters to all types of learners

–       Easily updated with text, pictures, video, animation etc.

–       Unlimited use

–       Realistic learning approaches

–       Accessible online

Multimedia production has a lot of advantages and can be a valuable resource for your company’s learning, training, sales, marketing and communications initiatives. For professional multimedia production services in Toronto, contact us at VCM Interactive.