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It is important to understand how multi-dimensional web video production in Toronto can be. There are many approaches when conceptualizing online video content and it is crucial to use each approach as you see fit. Whether you infuse these methods into a video campaign or create separate stand alone video, here are some different types of videos to support your position and objective to the target audience at hand in a cost effective manner.

Promotional video production

Generally speaking, a promotional video will give your viewer a slight overview of what your company and brand is about. With that said, the concept of a “promotional video” can also be ambiguous in its format—from a five minute tell-all to a 30 second teaser.  Of course, the direction you choose to go in is entirely up to your marketing plan, but if you aren’t careful, you might not get your point across. Oftentimes, companies will settle for a quick promotional video even though there is more to be said. Other companies will learn that they can put other styles of video together (testimonial, industrial, etc) to create a more effective story. That’s what you want to do.

Industrial Video Production

Industrial videos are practical in nature. They are highly effective in breaking down complex procedures that happen within a product or environment. The visual isn’t the only thing that helps to simplify comprehensive content; the audio narrative will be able to translate foreign terms and phrases to the average person. It will take a good technical writer to do this, so consider that if you want to get the best out of our industrial video production. Also, this is the kind of video where 3D Animation and motion graphics really come into play. With the power of animation, you can literally create a world that looks exactly the way you want it while explaining something real and giving it a more tangible feel. Sales, marketing and communications can all benefit from informative, intricate and engaging animations that simply the explanation process.

Training Video Production

 Training video production is extremely essential for companies that need to instruct their staff in a way that is effective, cost-efficient, interactive and engaging. Gone are the days where in-class training is the only way to educate your staff. Engaging training videos can also be for consumers; how-to videos are a great way to keep people engaged and informed about what your service(s) offer in value.

Customer Reference & Testimonial Videos

Don’t underestimate the testimonial video! Nothing beats a recorded statement of a satisfied client speaking well of your service or product. With good direction and cinematic camera work, testimonial videos can be a natural and powerful way to relay customer appreciation and satisfaction.

Viral Video Production

 Let’s not count this one out! While the video itself might be cost effective, it is very important to hire people with the right idea. The success of this video will be based on its “wow” factor and getting people talking.

VCM is one of the reputable professional videography services in Toronto that can produce virtually any kind of video you need. Offering cost effective, cutting edge video solutions; VCM understands that web video production is necessary to maintaining relevance in today’s market.  Let VCM help you put variety in your video. Contact us for more information on different types of video production and pricing – 905.361.2977