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If your business is going through a rough patch, it is high time to roll up your sleeves and get it back online through corporate video production Toronto services. Yes, you might be puzzled, but short online corporate clips are the rage today, and if you believe numbers, they are the future of marketing.

A 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report says 79% of internet traffic will be IP digital content by 2018. On the other hand, an eMarketer Study in 2013 shows over 73% of online shoppers check for informational clips before shopping.

There is no doubt you need to leverage video production services to reap from this customer-rich market.

How Your Business Benefits

The numbers are exciting, but the practical benefits this digital content offers are even better. Take a look:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improving your ranking on search engine is the main objective of any marketing project. Google, for instance, loves videos, and if you create outstanding clips, you will get better ranking and consequently ROI.
• Increased web traffic: If you can manage a viral clip, then you are on the goods because it will keep popping everywhere and this will in turn earn you more clicks. Isn’t this the dream of every entrepreneur?
• Effective communication tool: You need not worry about reaching millions of target customers because with a simple project, you have an effective tool. Whether you are launching a product, service or just explaining an aspect of your business, a corporate video production Toronto gives you the right tool to do exactly this.

This marketing technique spikes interest in your brand, livens your pitch, enhances information retention and is shared within seconds of release. Simply put, it is the future of corporate communication. For video production services on time and within budget, call 905.361.2977