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Video is the future of business communication and if you are running your company out of Toronto, it is time to leverage the power of this tool. A 2015 report by Aberdeen shows companies using this marketing tool enjoy 41% more traffic than those that are not. However, there is a catch; if the project is poorly edited, 62% of viewers get a negative perception of your brand.To walk this thin line, you need to utilize video editing services in Toronto.

Most Important Video Editing Factors to Consider:

  1. The Story: Any edit that’s made must move the story forward in a meaningful way. If it obscures it, there is no need for it.
  2. Emotions: You must consider how your audience will be impacted by a particular cut at a specific point of the story. An edit should evoke the intended emotion(s) of a scene.
  3. Pacing & Flow: A story must have some good pacing and if you edit poorly, it will have jarred edges and your audience will not appreciate the video experience.
  4. Consider the audience’s eye trace: When editing, consider where you want the audience’s eyes to focus. A professional will match movement and focus points from one side of the screen to the other. The secret is to keep continuity as close as possible and to edit on movement while also matching the action.
  5. 2-dimensional flow: If you have 4 quadrants on the screen, make sure movement flows symmetrically on the 180 degree path. Continuity must also be maintained at all times.
  6.  3-dimentional space: The video editing expert must ensure the cut remains true to established physical and spatial relationships. It must look real if the audience is to believe it.

An experienced Mississauga video service provider will ensure all these principles are adhered to. For more information about quality video editing services in Toronto, contact us here, or call 905-361-2977 now!