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video production

Do you have to make a video about your products or company and don’t know how to make it the best? Some of our strategies may actually work for you. Follow these tips that will turn your video from the average ¨OK¨ presentation into a WOW visual experience:

1. Plan fully. You cannot have a good result if you don’t start with a good plan. Be aware of your budget, so you don’t run out of money half way through your production. Work on a script, so your images and your message actually match each other and review it a few times until you are entirely satisfied. Make sure you have a clear message. The idea is to be totally clear about what you want to say and say it in the best way.

2. Once you have your final script, find a location that suits your theme. Pick it very carefully, so it doesn’t look like something made up. Find the right people as well. You don’t want to use people that are camera-shy or that look too stiff. Choose people that can say their lines naturally.

3. Be very aware of the lighting. You don’t get the perfect light just by turning the room lights on. Use adequate production lights with available lighting to deliver the right atmosphere for your product or presentation. This is a very important matter in corporate video production, because you want to make it look professional, just like your company.

4. Use a microphone. Although some video cameras have excellent built-in microphones, it is very important to be able to control the exact volume in each of your characters, to get rid of incidental sound or to make nice effects. A video without sound control will look unprofessional and naive.

5. Finally, if all these aspects are too much for you, hire an expert. We have the knowledge and the equipment to give you a professional video that reaches the expectation of your clients. We are in the Toronto area and can deliver the best quality, within your budget and on time!