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3D Animation in Toronto is gaining popularity and is a great way to visualize different processes and intricate workings of a product. Animations are visually engaging and can be done in a variety of styles from photo realistic to more stylistic approaches. Both these approaches work well, so you may ask what is the best approach for your product? We understand that 3D animation in Toronto can seem expensive for businesses to entertain since there’s different scales of quality and styles that can be executed to tell your products story. We are here to help figure out if 3D animation is the best way to go for your corporate video endeavors. When considering corporate video, 3D Animation is a very effective communications, sales and marketing tool to drive sales because it communicates complexities of a product, so people can better understand the mechanics and technology that goes into it. Below is a scenario where one of our clients chose high-end, photo realistic 3D animation over live action video when creating a corporate video for their business in order to support their sales team.

3D Animation Toronto

In this case the client was Hydropool, a reputable hot tub company who manufactures their hot tubs right here in Mississauga, Ontario. They approached us with a challenge of effectively showing their innovative technology in a cool yet informative way. They had experimented with live action video in the past, but it didn’t do justice because of the inner workings of the hot tub that needed to be conveyed. This is where Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. (VCM) stepped in and offered a solution that would showcase the technology in a creative and engaging animation that would drive home the key points of their technology and what sets them apart from their competition. The 3D animation would allow us to take real cameras where they wouldn’t be able to go in a live scenario. Hydropool’s focus was to showcase their innovative Self-Clean and Insulation technology for their hot tubs. We started off with style frames showing the look and feel of the animations. Once the style frames were approved by Hydropool we developed 3D models from scratch since CAD files3d Animation Toronto weren’t accessible. Then we developed a video animatic to layout the story and camera angles before animation began. Voice over was used for these particular animated videos to narrate the visual story. Text in motion could have been used to reiterate key points along with the voice over, but Hydropool decided not to take that route. Hydropool was involved every step of the way as we worked hard to get the detail and show the innovative technology in a cool way by using different camera angles to tell the story. Even the President of the company was involved in development meetings to make sure all the key things were being shown in the 3D animation. Once the animations were complete they were used as a sales tool in meetings, trade shows, website, landing pages for digital marketing strategies, youtube etc. The 3D animated videos proved to be a great investment with valuable returns. In this case, 3D animation was the perfect solution and helped the sales and marketing teams drive business. You can view the two animations below.

For the most part 3D animation is best used to visualize innovative, complex products that need to be communicated in a clear and precise manner. Contact us today if you are entertaining 3D animation in Toronto and we’ll steer you in the right direction regarding your objective, messaging and budget. Sometimes these corporate videos end up being a hybrid of 3D animation, 2D animation and motion graphics. The solutions are endless and we are here to help.


Self-Clean 3D Animated Explainer video


Insulation 3D Animated Explainer video