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Many corporate video productions integrate animated elements within the video in order to convey a dynamic internal process that a video camera may not be able to capture. When thinking of including animation into a corporate video you should be aware of the intricate and detailed animation process especially when it comes to photorealistic 3D animation where an experienced and skilled team of animators is needed. Below are the animation steps that go into a well produced 3D animation:

1. Styleframes/Storyboarding – styleframes are developed to set the style, look and feel of the animation needed. Styleframes are then put into a storyboard to show the progression of the animation.

2. 3D Modeling – 3D modeling of elements are created from scratch, CAD files or blue prints.

3. 3D Animatic – a 3D animatic is created to establish the elements animations, their placement, camera movements and lens selection(s) ie. focal length

4. Texturing – Texturing is added to 3D models

5. Lighting & Shading – 3D models are lit and shaded accordingly

6. Rendering – 3D animations are rendered for output

7. Sound Editing – Once the 3D animation is rendered sound effects and sound design is added to achieve the desired 3D animated video

VCM Interactive has a design savvy, talented, experienced, and skilled Toronto 3D animation team to make an impact and achieve your sales, marketing and communications goals. Below is a breakdown of a sales tool animation done for HydroPool showing their innovative self-clean system. You can view the final 3D animation here


Style Frame



3D Model



3D Animation