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A recent study by Mist Media shows that the average user spends 88% more time on a website carrying visual and motion content. According to YouTube, internet users are watching 6 billion hours of content every month. This shows that if you really want to connect with your target market, then you have to capitalize on invaluable services offered by corporate video production Toronto experts.
The opportunities offered by this medium are a myriad; whether you want to promote your brand, advertise goods and services, create informational content or just revitalize your brand’s presence there is no better tool than video.
If you are still not carried by these numbers consider these factors which highlight the reason you need to start working with a video production Toronto expert. Here you go:
1. Google Loves it
YouTube is the second most popular website in the world today and this is reason enough to encourage you to include clips in your corporate production strategy. Everyone seems to love an interesting production and this is the reason websites appearing in any search engine results page (SERPs) contain clips.

2. Easy Sharing
If you are investing millions in marketing and no one is talking about you yet then you are doing it all wrong. To survive online you need to rival the greatest brands in your niche by creating productions that are easily shared. This is the beauty of creating interesting clips because they have the ability to go viral and place your brand in everyone’s view.

3. Versatility
Whether you want to educate or entertain, video production company Toronto will come up with cool content to meet your objectives. Video caters to different types of audiences as opposed to display marketing which only caters to reading and writing oriented audiences.
Simply taking a few minutes and view some of our best corporate video productions in Toronto. Count on us.