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VCM Interactive knows that it can be stressful and difficult deciding what to include in your corporate video. After all, this video becomes the newest member of your team. It is representing your company in the great big world of the internet and is a symbol of your business. Listed below are three important factors you may want to think about when filming your corporate video:

1. Give your company a face. Pick one, two or three people to represent the company in your corporate video. If you have too many people in your video, it may be too overwhelming and not very memorable for the viewer. Remember to pick people that symbolize your company and brand positively. That means they should be well groomed, look professional and act friendly. Often times, real employees are better than paid actors.

2. Have one message for your customers. When creating a video make sure that you have one direct message that you want to deliver to the customers. If your video is about the history of your business, don’t talk about how you are looking to expand in the future. If you overload your video with too many different facts the viewer may or may not get the message that you originally wanted to broadcast. If you are direct with your customers in your video you are already creating a good impression, so keep it simple and focused.

3. Location is important. Picking an appropriate location to film your corporate video is almost as important as picking your speakers. You want a natural filming space with good lighting. The background should not distract the audience from the person talking in the foreground. The right location helps to illustrate the company so pick somewhere that reflects your business.

If you keep all three of these factors in mind, you will be sure to create the most beneficial corporate video for your business.