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The stats on digital video marketing continue to pile up as we enter 2018.   According to research, digital video contributes to higher conversion rates, higher SEO rankings, and more shares and engagement on social media.  As more ad agencies, digital marketers, and business owners rush to reach their new video quota for 2018 sometimes they leave quality and efficiency by the wayside.  In an age when everyone is doing their research online the ease of access to a digital video can actually work against the objectives of an organization when their videos do not effectively represent their business or brand.

Visual Communications and Marketing is a Toronto & Mississauga video production company that has been around for decades.  Our team first identifies your end goals when planning a video production to ensure we make videos that work for your business.  We have done large to small scale projects and maintain strong partnerships with our clients because of our transparency and effective production method.

Digital video production is a vast industry and it is important that you pick a solution that matches your objectives and the size of your business.  Smaller businesses and certain medium sized ones may benefit from these options however always keep in mind how the production value of a video reflects on your perception of business you are learning about for the first time.  Here are 3 cost-effective alternatives for producing video content.

Video Production Alternatives

#1 – Do It Yourself

smartphone video production

Videos shot on a smart phone can turn out looking incredibly well.  They can also turn out looking like they were shot on a smartphone.  Low quality lighting and audio are just a couple factors that can not only undermine the clarity of a video but also the strength of its core message.  When done right with a strong voice and an effective script this can be successful budget option.  The type of industry, the market you are in, and the size of your business should be considered before choosing this option.  The skills of your team and available time you have to effectively plan, shoot, edit, and deliver completed video are also important considerations.

#2 – Video Software

Video content and coffee

There are multiple resources that you can purchase online to help you capture, edit, and even animate your very own video.  You can make your own animated explainer with Wideo, a white board video with Video Scribe, or have useful drag and drop tools that make editing your own photos simple with Slidely.  Most will include templates to work from, various art, and even music all with an easy-to-use interface.  This is a very cost effective solution that has a personal charm of being made yourself.  After learning the software, investing some time, a clever application of these tools may yield effective results. These cookie-cutter solutions have many limitations on customizability however.  Industry, market, and the size of your company are even more important to note when considering this category if you plan to stand out with a memorable video.

#3 – Hiring a Videographer

Sony camera videographer

An experienced new hire can be an invaluable addition to a marketing team in the right organization.  However, it is important to consider the scale of the video production work and the importance of quality vs. quantity.  Having a dedicated staff to handle a large number of video projects can be great when the bulk of the work is already well defined and straight forward.  If your organization needs fewer videos with higher production value to portray a certain level of professionalism, then hiring a video production company may be a wiser option.  An individual videographer can only do so much on his own without needing to hire a crew of their own and renting more equipment.  A Toronto video production company already has these hard costs covered and you can hire them on a per project basis.  An experienced producer and crew will ensure the planning, shooting, and editing all goes smoothly saving you time and money in the long run.

video production company TorontoThe above options fit well for certain sized business in certain cases.  However, it is important to keep in mind the potential long-term value an effective video can provide for your organization.  Warren Buffet said it best: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” If you think you need an experienced team to take care of your video needs Here is a quick list of the Top 10 Corporate Video Production Companies in Toronto.  If you would like to learn about our great track record, years of experience, and formula to plan and produce effective videos that work, then contact Visual Communications and Marketing and start the conversation today.