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Interested in putting the power of video to work on behalf of your business or organisation? You’re definitely not alone. Video has become one of the most powerful tools available, particularly for use online. YouTube has grown to become the second largest search engine in the world, and it only serves up video content. Videos are used everywhere online, from Facebook to blog posts, too. That makes it an ideal solution for your marketing and educational needs. However, before you jump right in, it is crucial that you know how to write a creative brief prior to hiring a videographer in the Toronto.

Write Creative When Hiring a Videographer

 How to Write a Great Creative Brief for a Videographer in Toronto

If you’ll be hiring a videographer, you need to ensure that you are able to accurately convey your goals. This is done with what’s called a “creative brief”. Really, it’s nothing more than a short synopsis of the video, your goals and objectives. Let’s touch on the most important elements.

  • Background–  In this section, you’ll detail the “bigger picture”, including challenges that you might be facing in the market, upcoming events or occurrences with your business that bear on the video and the like. Think of this as the introduction.
  • Objective–  This is where you detail what you want the video to achieve. For instance, you might want the video to educate your audience on how to use your product. On the other hand, you might want them to buy your new product or hire your services. Keep this statement concise and direct.
  • Audience–  The videographer will need to know who your audience is. In this section, you’ll need to explain who they are, where they live in the GTA, how your business communicates with them and any other crucial information to ensure that the video strikes the right tone for your target demographic.
  • Focus–  In this section, you’ll explain what the most important element of the video will be. Is it the product? Perhaps it’s an emotional connection. Maybe it’s a problem that your organization can solve for your audience. You should also explain the most crucial visual element you want to get across to your audience. Is your product 100% organic? Are your service people nationally licensed? Keep your focus simple, but accurate.
  • Reasons–  Here, you’ll need to explain the reasons that your customers should buy from you. These should be both intellectual and emotional. For instance, perhaps your product does not create pollution, or maybe it’s priced lower than competitors. These are reasons that consumers should believe what is being explained within the video, and are important to your audience.
  • Insight and Help–  In this section, include anything that might be of additional use when creating the video, from industry research you’ve conducted to thoughts about the production.
  • Schedule–  Be specific here about when you need the video created, and exactly what you need in terms of deliverables.

In Conclusion–  There you have it – a rough outline of how to draft a creative brief when hiring a videographer. By getting off on the right foot, you’ll create a compelling, high-quality video that achieves your goals.