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Real estate video production company in MississaugaHillis Group Realty was in need of a local video production company in Mississauga to create a brand video as well as testimonial videos from clients they’ve helped sell or find a house in the greater Toronto area. The realty company was revamping their site and knew the value video brought in terms of communicating their services in a captivating way on their website and other online marketing outlets such as YouTube and social media. Therefore, they wanted to create a real estate brand video to communicate their 50-years of real estate team experience, values, expertise, commitment and other benefits that they bring to people buying or selling a home.

The Objective and Challenge:

To create two concise client testimonial videos from previously shot footage that the client provided from a past video production in Mississauga. We also had to produce a short brand video that effectively told the Hillis Group story and how their core values and 50 years of combined experience in the industry benefit people compared to other realtors.

The Strategy:Hillis Group Realty Brand video

We had to find the story and the key points we wanted to communicate with the testimonials that were provided to us. The objective was to produce two testimonial videos. One for people looking to downsize and the other focused on the general public that are looking to buy or sell a house in the Toronto or Mississauga area.

We created the first testimonial video by capturing a fresh testimonial from a couple who just sold their house with Hillis Group Realty. We sent out a Toronto videographer who is experienced with directing along with a production assistant and interviewer. This interview was important because it gave us the structure for the story so we could reinforce key points with the other testimonial footage we had from other clients.  The second testimonial video was carefully edited to tell a cohesive story from the interview footage that was provided to us. Finding the story was the key to both testimonial videos.  Hillis Group Realty was very happy with the results and will have VCM film future client testimonials.

For the brand video we conducted an interview with the two partners of Hillis Group Realty.  We came up with 5-7 key interview questions for them to answer which would naturally tell the story. Some key points would be reinforced by client testimonials to better exemplify their strengths and what they offer their clients.

The Results:

Hillis Group Realty was very impressed how we constructed all the videos.  They put their trust in VCM Interactive’s creative process and we delivered!  As a result, Hillis Group is seeing great results from using the videos on Facebook and YouTube.  The brand video gave them an online presence they needed that naturally personifies their expertise in the real estate industry and how they help people.  Hillis Group is happy to find a video production company in Mississauga that they can trust, understands their brand and partner with to create more videos. They look forward to working with VCM Interactive in the future in order to support their digital marketing strategies and website. You can view the completed videos below.

Hillis Group Realty Brand Video

Hillis Group Realty – Downsizing Testimonials