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I’ve been studying the media landscape for 18 years and it has changed beyond recognition. One area in-particular that has went through huge change is that of promotional videos. If you are considering a promotional video for your business it can an overwhelmingly daunting proposition as you don’t know where to begin and today’s standards have been set incredibly high. You need to give the idea of a promotional video serious consideration because it can be a time consuming and costly endeavour. In some instances it may be absolutely spot on for your organisation’s objectives, however, in other instances your money may be better spent elsewhere.

As I mentioned today’s bar has been set very high and while this can be daunting, it can also be inspiring. In this article I am going to set out what I think are the top five promotional videos of 2016.

Old Spice 5 Year Plan- Smell ‘em Who’s Boss

It was a hugely popular TV commercial and has been one of the biggest virals of 2016. Old Spice really has reinvented itself with its promotional videos in recent years. It has a knowingly ‘we know this is an inner joke’ attitude but this video doesn’t 100% fit that mantra. Rather, it taps into something almost all males have been through when you have a job interview and you are made to feel two foot tall by the powerbroker on the other side of the desk. How we would all love to swap roles and sit on the other side of that desk and be the boss. This promotional video is a prime example of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes!

The Bud Light Party: Super Bowl Commercial

What self-respecting list such as this would be complete without a Super Bowl commercial? This particular promotional video is timed perfectly due to the 2016 Presidential Election. Apart from featuring grade A talent, Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer, it is extremely funny. More than that though is that it positions itself with many of the stereotypical Bud Light drinkers who are bored stiff of the constant political rhetoric churned out during 2016.

P&G Thank You Mom- Strong: Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I dare you to watch this one and not feel emotional. It is a prime example of branded content. It tells several stories about Olympic athletes and their relationships with their mothers. It does this without any product endorsement, until the story has concluded. It’s a genius bit of promotional video production.

Heinz Ketchup Game Day 2016- Hot Dog Commercial

This is a simple but effective promotional video and it’s one for all the family. Fun and silly, but it reinforces the brand. It’s primarily aimed at condiments for hot dogs and it launched just in time for the summer bbq season, when families come together, eat hot dogs and play games outside.

FIFA 17- Make Your Mark

The beauty of this video is that we never see the face of our main character, which places us in his shoes. We get a feel for what it’s like being a professional footballer entering out onto the big stage. It seamlessly merges from real action footage to the virtual world of the football game. Another cracking promotional video from the FIFA team.

So there we go. These five are by no means exclusive and merely represent my opinion. What are some of the best ones you have seen this year? At VCM Interactive we have made a great number of promotional videos over the years. If you are considering creating one for your business we may be the ideal fit to help you. Or it may be a project that another company would be better placed to help you with. Either way, give us a call and we can talk you through some of the options available to you.