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Event Video Production Mississauga Toronto - Energy End Users Forum

Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. (VCM) provided event video production services to document Lakeside Process Controls “Energy End Users Forum” earlier this year in Mississauga, ON Canada.  Lakeside Process Controls is a company that provides innovative automation solutions for their customers’ process automation challenges. They operate as the exclusive local business partner of Emerson Process Management in Ontario. The “Energy End Users Forum” was a very important forum that needed a video to showcase the valuable information that was discussed at the forum, the variety of speakers and topics that were presented as well as what attendees got out of the forum.  The team at Lakeside wanted to create a video as a marketing tool and to create awareness of what challenges their customers are facing in the Energy sector.  With a lot of change and innovation going on with Energy this was definitely a valuable tool for them to create.

Videographer Mississauga – The challenge and VCM’s process:

The forum was a one-day event in Mississauga. We sent out an experienced Toronto videographer along with a Production Assistant to cover the forum. The task was to cover speakers in different breakout sessions, which were held in 4 different rooms simultaneously.  Community networking between breakout sessions also had to be covered along with a panel discussion and testimonials of attendees within a 8-hour day of filming.  A lot of content needed to be documented through video production. With only an agenda before the production day, we brought out our A game and moved very fast getting the clips we needed to get coverage of the high paced environment. Our videographer brought production value to the video production by bringing out two HD cameras, so we could get good angles and coverage of the event as it unfolded. We even made it a point to capture cinematic slider shots and other creative shots in order to give more production quality and value to our end client. The testimonials were filmed with two cameras, so we could give variety to the edit while people were giving their thoughts about the forum and what they learned. Without having a sound recordist on location we managed to get professional high quality sound by placing lav mics on the most important speakers (discussed with the client beforehand). This served very useful because it gave us a nice introduction to the video that set the stage and a good closing. At the end of the day, we worked smart and very efficiently in order to make the day and get the footage we needed to make an impactful video.

The video edit took some strategy. Before starting the editing process we asked our Marketing contact at Lakeside about the most important messages and keywords that he wanted to communicate in the video. From there we went through the footage to find the right sound bites to structure the story. Thus, taking a documentary filmmaking approach to the video editing process worked well, because we did not know what the prudent challenges and information would be discussed during the forum.

You can view the final event video below. Lakeside Controls was very happy with the final product. Jeremy, the Marketing Coordinator at Lakeside had this to say, “Thanks a bunch Paul great job on this project…really captures the atmosphere around this event!”

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Lakeside Energy Users Forum Video