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Corporate video productions are very useful for promoting your product or service and positioning your brand. Using the Internet, your ad can be a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience. So you might think: I have my ad, now what? If you leave as a file on your computer, it won’t get very far. Video marketing is the next step. It is not only about producing an ad, but you have to know what to with it once it is ready.

A comprehensive marketing strategy

Once you have your content, you need to start thinking of ideas for your marketing strategy that will integrate your production into a broad plan, which will position your product and show it to the right audience, using a social media strategy oriented to give your site visibility by using effective SEO and social networks. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many others are the perfect places for broadcasting your audiovisual media and receive visits that will eventually transform into new clients, which is the main goal of any marketing strategy.

Videos and images are the preferred content and the most widely shared on social networks. Any business looking for better online visibility needs audiovisual media, to post it on social networks and attract visitors to your website and also for positioning purposes since Google and other search engines favour websites with media content and tend to show them first on the search results lists. Besides this, good ads are a great tool for capturing the attention of your visitors and making them stay longer on your site; and the longer they stay, more likely they will be interested in your brand.

If you are not sure on what exactly it is that you need to do, you can always look for resources on the topic or even hire a specialist that will take care of promoting your content online and keeping all your social networks up to date.

A few tips for using your corporate video production

Apart from posting your content on your website and on your social networks, which is the first thing to do, here are some recommendations for other actions you can take in order to promote your production and reach your audience, not limited to Toronto, but nationwide and even internationally.

  • Insert a thumbnail of your corporate production into your email newsletter, which will direct viewers to your ad’s landing page.
  • Run a video campaign on Facebook or Twitter to a targeted audience and achieve a lot of views with a controlled budget.
  • Link to landing pages with audiovisual media in email signatures and significantly increase visits to your site, not only your ad but other contents on it.
  • Add share buttons at the bottom of your corporate production and make it easy for viewers to share it. If it’s good, then many will like it and they’ll want to share it.
  • Put your ads above the fold on high-traffic pages of your site, and the higher it is on your page, the higher the play rate will be.
  • Pin your video to the top of your Twitter feed, making sure it remains visible and gets the highest level of exposure.

No one can say that there is a shortage of opportunities for today’s businesses to show their work to millions. Thanks to the web, sharing and promoting content is now very easy and relatively inexpensive. With so many choices and opportunities to get your brand noticed, all you need is to start a corporate video production now and show it to the world.

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