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Last year we produced a corporate video production for, Weldtech Training, which is an industry leader offering professional welding courses since 1986 in Mississauga and the greater Toronto area. They specialize in customized welding education and consulting services. The company believes in providing students with the highest quality welding education with small class room settings and one-on-one training with their highly skilled instructors. Weldtech celebrated their 30th year anniversary in 2016 and approached VCM Interactive to cover the event and create a brand video for the company. We were honoured to have been asked to cover the special event and offer our video production services!

VCM strategized the brand film by covering the 30th year anniversary as well as capturing key interviews from students and industry Corporate Video Production Toronto - Weldtech Awardexperts from different companies that use Weldtech’s training services. We sent out our best videographer to capture the event. Getting client and student testimonials was very important for the video because it allowed us to get people talking first-hand about their experiences and how Weldtech is a trusted training facility. We also got Weldtech’s President, Phillip Murphy and some instructors talking about the company, which was also crucial to producing the brand video. The 30th year celebration and open house, demos in action, people engaging, testimonials from industry leaders and students, awards and acknowledgment from the City of Mississauga & the Board of Trade were all captured to highlight Weldtech’s accomplishments. VCM also gathered some in-class footage as well as some practical footage of the students welding with instructors. It was important to show the interaction between the teachers in a small classroom setting as well as the workshop where students have the opportunity to get hands on experience with instructors.

Our approach to creating the Weldtech Corporate video production:

We followed a natural and organic approach to creating the corporate video production. We used the President of Weldtech’s interview as Corporate Video Production Toronto - Weldtech trainingthe basis of the brand video so the story was told by the person behind the brand. This is always an effective approach to corporate video production because people want to see the people behind the brand. Our videographer was able to capture other key interviews to support and reinforce what Weldtech stands for and how it is an industry leader in training welders. B-roll of the classroom in action, one-on-one practical training sessions with instructors in the workshop, demos, the office setting etc. were filmed to support the video with visual merit. Overall, the promotional video delivered a clear message, showed what Weldtech stands for and how it is a reputable company in the industry. You can view the complete video below.

As you can see, how promotional videos can be very effective to tell a company’s story through the visual scape. Testimonials from other people about your company is very valuable and is what people want to see so that they know they are dealing with a trusted business. Contact us if you are considering producing a video for you company. We offer free consultation, so we can do a thorough discovery of your needs and can provide a feasible solution to getting your story told effectively.