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Corporate Video Production Toronto

You are probably aware of the importance of a company video for your business. Corporate video productions are the most powerful way to connect with customers and win their trust. The doubt many people have is whether they should make their own content or hire a firm. We know this can be a difficult decision, therefore we want to present some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional team; so that you can have an idea of whether it is what you need for your business or not.

Corporate Video Production Toronto:  In-house videos vs. Professional Productions

When it comes to in-house shooting, the main advantage is cost. There will be no need to expend a significant budget on hiring professionals and you could also consider ownership as an advantage because the project will be all yours from start to finish.

When it comes to the disadvantages, keep in mind that an in-house team is capped at how many projects they can handle and you need people with knowledge and experience. The costs of recruitment, salaries, and specialized equipment can become a large investment and you won’t see the return of this unless you use that equipment many times. You will also soon realize how time-consuming creating a corporate video production can be. If you don’t have the specific people designated for this task, it can create chaos among your personnel as they struggle with all the workload.

If you hire a professional firm, you get to see the other side of the coin. Outsourcing is a great way to get a fresh perspective on your brand and project and benefit from all the experience of a professional team. You can hire the firm for your projects on an as-needed basis and you won’t consume the time of your employees. Hiring a firm also gives you access to the latest equipment and technology resulting in better quality.

The most important advantage is precisely that you get the best quality. You will get a corporate production that is attractive and communicates your message in a creative way. That outstanding video will reflect your business and promote your brand like no other.

The main disadvantage though is cost. However, look at it as an investment in your brand, which will soon return as sales and new clients. From that perspective, the cost isn’t high at all. On top of that, you won’t have to pay for equipment or talent recruiters which can make in-house productions quite expensive.

The right people for the right job

You can actually make some simple, spontaneous videos on your own and you can use them for specific aspects of your business. But when you need a professional ad for your marketing strategy, you can’t risk the name of your company on an unprofessional video, you need an experienced company to do the job for you. Many firms nowadays combine both methods, but rely on the professionals for the strategic content.

Hiring a professional firm is definitely the most direct way to get the production you need. You won’t have to worry about investment in expensive equipment, hiring a team, or figuring out a creative vision in detail. Outsourced professionals can help share their knowledge and expertise to meet your vision and project objectives. A professional company will walk you through the process and ensure your content tells your story in a compelling way.

If you are not sure if the video you need should be home-made or a professional production, you can always check online, the internet is a powerful tool and there you’ll find lots of articles and guides you can use as a starting point to help you define and produce the right content for you! Contact us or go to for more information