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When many clients from Mississauga come to us at VCM with the intention of making some video content for their business one of the main things they need help with is how to make their content interesting. For those that don’t have a career in the creative industries this is an understandable dilemma. After all if you were to put my into a problem solving environment, like engineering, I would not have the first clue as to how to do their job. In this article I will set out some of the most common story arcs that have been around for thousands of years and can still be applied to story telling today.

Corporate Video Production Mississauga=The Same Principles as Fairytales 

As I have written about before it is really important when creating your content that you are answering a question that people are asking, whether it be consumers or other businesses. So at an absolute granular level you need to identify a problem your customer, and potential customer, has and explain how your product or service provides a solution, then give the happy-ever-after ending, i.e. how the client is now much happier than before, now that the problem has been overcome.

There are a number of ways to tell a story using plots that have the same principles that were used hundreds of years ago in fairytales. From rags to riches tales, tragedy, quests and fish out of water scenarios; all are plot lines that have stood the test of time and people can instantly relate to.

Ffion Lindsay writes an excellent article explaining the seven universal plot lines that are still as powerful today as they were centuries ago. Let’s try and bring some pragmatism to classic storylines that you can apply to your corporate video production Mississauga. For instance if you run a marketing firm that advises local businesses, you may want to create a video that shows that you are different from other larger, national Corporate Video Mississaugamarketing agencies because your local roots mean you can better serve local businesses. A good narrative tool to use here is to speak to your audience using nostalgia and sentimentality. Your target clients will be those in the local area so it easier to pull at their heart strings using local things they can identify with. You can even cross pollinate with another plot line, the rags to riches story. Perhaps you could give a client testimony about how your marketing agency helped turn their businesses around, showing they overcame adversity with your help and that you are crusading to help local businesses survive.

Creating engaging video content is not as easy as some might think. It is a fine balancing act between telling a great story and ensuring the function of the video fulfills your need as a business. This is usually to drive more business. If you you really want to maximize the impact of your video it really pays to hire a professional corporate video production in Mississauga company as they will have expertise and experience needed to make your video stand out. That said a lot of small businesses may not have the budget to hire professionals but can still try and produce video content using basic equipment. If this is similar to your circumstances then you will need some guidance and we at VCM would be happy to advise you as best we can. Contact us today for some no obligation guidance.