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I have been involved with video for over 16 years and have made video for broadcasters such as the BBC, international distribution channels such as Discovery, small businesses, large businesses and charities. I love the medium. I mean I write, a lot, scripts, blogs, pitches, storyboards, everything you can think of, but a lot of it leads to video production. What I love about video is that it can be used for absolutely anything, it is incredibly powerful, is affordable and with the advent of the internet, allows us all to speak to the world. Obviously what I am going to focus on centres around video for business, which is great because that is what my professional life is all about these days. Yes I occasionally take freelance jobs for broadcasters but I am primarily involved in making video work for businesses. So while I not only bring my years of experience in making video I have unique experience in then using that video for content marketing purposes.

Now I am assuming that everyone reading this has a good degree of understanding of content, or inbound corporate videomarketing. I could do a whole article on that subject alone and I will in due course, but for this piece I will be talking about making and using video for small businesses in order to generate, convert and nurture leads. Video is incredibly powerful, it’s time you learnt to understand it and harness it.

Why Your Business Needs Corporate Video

Video is one of the most important communicative tools your business can use and you are lucky to live in an age where you can create it and broadcast to the world. I like to think of video as a multipurpose power tool that can be used for a variety of challenges.

In the world of content marketing creating video that provides real value for individuals is absolutely essential if you have ambition of turning those individuals into customers, or to help retain your current customers. By providing video content that people value and thus brings them to your website, and establishing or reinforcing your brand, you are in essence attracting new leads, converting new leads and nurturing your current leads. 

Lets look at some stats, It is reported that:

  • 53 times more likely to get a front page of Google results by adding video
  • 71% of marketers say video outperforms other marketing materials
  • 96% of B2B companies plan to use video this year
  • 80% of execs watching more video this year than last year
  • 78% of people watch video online
  • 81% of businesses feature video on their website
  • 73% of marketers increasing use in 2016
  • 59% of Execs would rather watch a video than read text
  • Audiences 10x more likely to engage with video than other content
  • In 2014 64% of internet traffic was driven by video. By 2019 this figure is predicted to be 80%
  • Half of all advertisers are moving their budget from TV to digital video
  • Through using video, marketers find that the bounce rate on websites decreases, the time on the website increases by 100% and there can be up to twice as many unique visitors

As you can see video is an incredibly powerful tool to use for your business and you really need to explore the opportunities it can create for you. Video is a vast beast and it can take some time to fully understand it and utlise it to its full potential. It has taken us over 30 years combined experience to fully understand and use it accordingly, and even now we still don’t pretend to know everything. What we are more than happy to do though is impart our experience and help you in your endeavours to try and capture the power of video.