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Through my experience of helping businesses over the years, I am always amazed at how underused and undervalued YouTube is. While I do understand that if you have never used YouTube before it can seem somewhat daunting as many people are unsure where to start. Of course being able to utilise YouTube is the second half of the battle. The first half is creating quality video that best represents your business. This is something you can decide to do in-house or outsource. For more information about deciding whether to use a professional video production Toronto or to do it yourself click here. If you do decide to use a professional videographer Toronto we at VCM Interactive would be happy to talk you through the options, even if you decide to use another video production company.

Commercial Video Production & Using YouTube

Of course, when most companies decide to use social media to help market their businesses they immediately think of Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, but YouTube should also spring to mind. With more and more internet traffic being driven by video (64% and rapidly rising) it is remiss of any savvy business to ignore having a YouTube presence. So what does a YouTube presence look like and how do you achieve it? Well, typically a YouTube presence involves your business having a channel on YouTube, on which you regularly publish videos. The scope and purpose of these videos can vary and you can actually organise them into subcategories. These subcategories are called ‘channel sections’. For example on your business channel, you may have channel sections entitled ‘Testimonies‘, ‘How To’, ‘New Products’ etc.

What makes YouTube even more suitable for marketing purposes for small businesses is the fact that comments on YouTube are tied to Google+, so your content can reach people in more than one way. Therefore creating and posting content on YouTube is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and boost the visibility and credibility of your small business.

If you are new to YouTube here are my quick and dirty top five tips in order to utilise the platform to best effect.

Top Five Tip For Marketing Your Business On YouTube

1- Keep Updating Your Content

If you want your channel to be found and then held in high regard you need to publish content regularly to commercial video production Torontoprove your active and engaged.

2- Be Engaged

With being able to manage your channel on your phone there is no excuse to not be moderating all comments, ratings etc on the fly every day. If someone takes the time to watch and then engage with your content it is important to do the same in return, regardless of whether the viewer’s actions are positive or not.

3- Always Have A CTA

You should have links in the description you write about the video but there should also be CTAs (Call To Actions) or an interactive Video Ad (such as contacting you) built into the video itself.

4- Titles Are Key

When you create a video you always need to keep in mind what your target audience is likely to be searching for. There’s no point in creating a video about a new product you are selling and then titling it something obscure. If your product solves a problem make sure you title it accordingly. For example, if your product is a new fancy draught excluder for front doors you would want to title the video ‘How To Conserve Heat In Your House’.

5- Nailing Categories and Tags

When uploading a video you need to choose a category for the video and enter tags, or keywords. There are fifteen categories to select from, and you can add lots of different, but relevant, tags.

One piece of advice I would give is that you should use the tags YouTube suggests since they’re based on what people commonly search for. You can also manually add extra tags and variations on your tags—for example, if you provide a mobile car valeting service you want to tag it ‘Car Valeting’, Vehicle Valeting’, and ‘Car Cleaning’ etc.

There are lots more things you can do to maximise your YouTube channels impact so if you would like further information please contact us, or visit