How to Choose a Partner for Media Replication/Duplication with Quick Turnaround Times

Information has become the coin of the realm for most industries. Whether you’re talking about quarterly reports or your company’s latest commercial, that information is being stored on electronic media for easier access, better security and other reasons. The problem here comes from the fact that replicating/duplicating that media can be …

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How to Make a Good Promotion Video for Your Marketing Campaign

You’ve heard the expression that, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s as true today as it was when it was first coined. However, you can’t limit yourself to promoting your company with visual static ads – video promotion is essential. If you think that promotional video production for Toronto area …

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How Does Digital Printing Differ from Traditional Methods of Printing?

The advent of the printing press changed the world. It made the written word accessible to everyone, for a price that most could afford. It took the laborious process of hand-copying manuscripts and automated it, allowing multiple copies to be created within a very short time. However, printing technology has continued …

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Short film screens at Cannes 2013

Screen Grab from “Love songs from an Android”

VCM Interactive’s President, Paul Nandrajog had the pleasure of co-producing a short film that screened at the prestigious 2013 Cannes International Film Festival. The short film is called “Love Songs from an Android” and comes from …

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Personifying your Brand with Video | VCM Interactive Toronto

If your brand were a person, what would they look like?

It’s easy for people to attribute human traits to the brands they experience. All it takes is the right stimuli. Whether it’s Geico’s memorable Gecko or Apple’s obvious flair for design, consumers …

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7 Tips to Successful Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very powerful and effective marketing tool when done right. Creating strong, engaging video content for your business is an excellent way to reach a variety of markets and increase your bottom line. Your video is a reflection of your brand, so …

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5 Things To Ask Yourself When Creating a Video For Your Company

When it comes time to incorporate corporate video production into your online marketing campaign, what will you be thinking about?

It never makes sense to create an online video just for the sake of having one. You need to dig deep and figure out …

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In a world where wacky and comedic viral videos usually garner the most attention, it’s always interesting to see something different that pulls at your heartstrings. Such is the case when it comes to the Water Is Life campaign video featuring little …

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Get The Picture? Online Video is more social than ever

The social media world has come a long way from online chat rooms and message boards. Surely you’ve noticed the recent wave of video integration into social media applications. Now it’s easier than ever to upload, watch, and share content online. Usually, YouTube is the place to go, but online video is definitely finding its …

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Why You Need a Corporate Video

It is becoming more and more popular for businesses to incorporate multimedia elements into their websites, whether it’s images, videos, animations or audio recordings. But why?

The answer is simple: people just don’t read text these days. Would you rather visit a website filled with 10 …

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