Why We Are Your Full Custom Video Production Solution

If you are in need of video production in Toronto, VCM Interactive is the only choice for your needs. We can handle all aspects of your video production, and our expert staff will work with you in every step of the way. We provide end-to-end services, which mean we are available to help you with …

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Video Editing Services – Personalizing Your Vision is our Goal

At VCM Interactive, we understand the importance of your personal vision, and our video editing services are designed to bring that vision to life. We use the latest and most powerful technologies available to ensure that your video is of the highest quality, and our staff is expertly trained in producing the best …

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If You Need the Best Duplication Service –Allow Us to Help You

VCM Interactive is a leading provider of CD, DVD, Blu-ray and USB duplication in Toronto. Our state of the art facilities allow us to provide you with high quality duplication at a fraction of the cost of other duplication providers. We are constantly updating ourselves on new and improved technologies to ensure that you receive …

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What Makes an Educational Video Effective?

If you’re looking for educational video production in Toronto, it pays to go with a company that knows how to make these videos effective. Some of what goes into making effective educational videos is rather universal to making any other type of video. For example, keeping the video brief will make certain that the content …

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Best DVD Authoring Tools and Software

DVD authoring tools can make it easy for even those without any formal education in film to make a decent video. Some of these options are actually free, and you may want to consider trying them out if you want to take a shot at DVD authoring yourself.

Bombono DVD

Bombono DVD is completely free and available …

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6 Things You Shouldn’t Do when Video Editing

Not every company that provides video editing in Toronto is necessarily worth the money. A good video production company in Toronto will know to stay away from these 6 things when video editing.

Jump Cuts

Jump cuts occur when the scene suddenly changes in a way that is jarring for the audience. Ideally, any time a scene …

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8 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Training Video Production

Employees often have new information that needs to be passed on to them in the form of training. Having a video may get the point across more clearly than listening to someone talk for a half-hour. 1.8 Billion Words is the value of one minue of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, …

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How Long Should a Corporate Video Be?

Your corporate video should be as long as you need to get your point across. If you get there sooner, that’s better. You don’t want to give viewers any reason to click off to another video or site. Corporate video production in Toronto can key into these factors.

The length of your video will …

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Top 5 Corporate Video Production Tips to More Drive Traffic & Convert Viewers to Customers

Top 5 Corporate Video Production Tips to Create Videos that Drive Traffic and Convert Viewers to Customers

Making a corporate video can be a big undertaking. After all, you need to create more than just something people will watch; you want something they will share and find value in. You want a video that …

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Choose the Right Professional Video Production Company to Create Business Videos that Get Results

Are you looking for a video production company in Toronto, but find that you are unsure where to turn? You certainly aren’t alone. Your business video needs to be the best. It needs to create measurable results that not only provide a good return on investment, but that generates sales or …

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