Bring Your Video or Film Project to Life with Creative Video Post-Production

Numbers rarely lie and if this is so, then video is the future of marketing. If you are not optimizing on this marketing tool, you need to look at the numbers. Forrester Inc., in a study, found that 78% of consumers love video ads more than text based ones.

What’s more, a Nielsen study found an …

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Ramp up your Videos with the Best Videographer in Toronto

The modern business environment is akin to the Amazon jungle; only the most creative can survive. As such, your company needs to spruce itself up in order to enhance its presence on platforms frequented by the contemporary customer. This is where a professional videographer Toronto comes in handy in your marketing strategy.

Banking on Expertise

Assume …

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Benefits of Advertising Your Business with 3D Animated Video

Are animated videos the future of online marketing? This is the question every marketing stakeholder is asking today in the light of increasing popularity of 3D animated videos on YouTube and other sharing forums.

If you have not started capitalizing on 3D animation Toronto services, it is time you took this seemingly trivial marketing tool …

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Benefits of Working with an Animation Studio

Animations are a great way to capture the attention of an audience and keep it. They are visually unique and are a great way to engage your target audience. Animations are a powerful tool to visualize a product and explain a technical process showing intricate detail.

An animation studio Toronto can provide you with various …

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Video Production – Significantly Increase Your Web Conversions

Are you interested in increasing your web conversions? Any business owner would be. You can do this by investing in video production services.

There are many benefits of using video content to promote your brand.

1. Preferred content
This type of content is preferred amongst users of the internet. The second most popular search engine is …

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Video Production and Marketing – Increase Your Business Visibility and Profitability

Are you using online videos? If not, then you are missing out on a very powerful medium. In the past year, this type of content has accounted for more than half of the data traffic on mobile according to CISCO. That means that although people are watching less TV, more are turning to online video.

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Drone used for Bluffers Park Marina Video Production Toronto


Bluffers Park Marina, Toronto’s only Full Service Marina, commissioned VCM Interactive to provide creative and cinematic video production services. The marina wanted to create an informative video that promoted their services while capturing the tranquil environment, atmosphere and …

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Kwik Kopy Printing Digital Video Commercials Launched


We had the pleasure of partnering with Kwik Kopy Printing (KKP Canada) to produce a series of commercials to support KKP’s digital marketing campaign. The comical videos promote KKP’s digital and print services with a creative flare. VCM created the …

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BNC Explainer Videos Launched

We are excited to announce that BookNet Canada (BNC) has recently launched the explainer videos we produced for them. VCM Interactive partnered with BookNet Canada to create a series of engaging explainer videos to describe BooKNet Canada’s affordable products and how they work together to support the Canadian book industry. BookNet Canada …

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What is Corporate Video Production and the Common Types of Corporate videos

Corporate video production involves making audio visual communication material such as DVDs, high definition videos and streaming videos. A company or organization commissions a video production company to make materials that will communicate an idea or information to clients, customers, staff or other stakeholders.
A production company makes various types of these media. These …

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