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Full-Service Video Production and more at VCM Interactive

VCM Interactive is a full service Toronto boutique video production company; specializing in corporate video production, 3D/2D graphics and animation, e-learning and multimedia applications, video post-production, videography, DVD | Blu-Ray production and authoring, DVD | Blu-Ray duplication and media replication. Specializing in professional video production, VCM Interactive has the tools and the talent to visually tell your story. Our videographers ensure your video conveys the message you want to present. We offer creative development services including a comprehensive discovery meeting that will establish the video’s direction and flow. This is critical in corporate video production and videography , because it sets the overall strategy, tone and feel.

We produce corporate and industrial videos for sales, marketing, communications, documentation, education, training, product launches and focus groups.

Whether you are interested in corporate video production, video editing, DVD duplication, DVD replication or any other professional video production service contact us at VCM Interactive and we’ll make the process easier. Our Toronto videographers are willing and ready to take on your next project. Contact VCM Interactive, the full-service videography company in Toronto for corporate, broadcast and digital media solutions. Catering to small and large scale productions, while executing over and above what’s promised on time and within budget! Our unique and proven process provides excellence in customer service, quality and price. Our clients partner with us because of our personal touch, fresh perspective, creative edge and strategic process.


Personal Touch & TLC – We are a passionate and dedicated team that takes pride in making our clients stand out by delivering a quality product. We put the extra Tender Love and Care into every project we touch giving you extra value.

Strategic Thinking with a fresh perspective –We are a strategic forward thinking team with over 30-years of experience who understand time sensitivity and cost effectiveness of the corporate world. We strive for innovative business solutions to cater to your needs, standards and budget creating a greater return on investment (ROI).

Intelligent, Full Service Production –video is a creative, custom and an organic process. We keep all creative development, production, postproduction and fulfillment services under one roof to streamline your project from beginning to end.


7 Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video

In the world of marketing, the one strategy that is giving the best results is to advertise your company through videos that can be posted on social media or delivered directly to potential clients via email, DVD or flash card formats. It is a friendly way to explain to everybody how your firm works, what its products are and your mission and vision. But corporate videos have to be made in a professional way in order to deliver the right message. Here are some tips to get them to tell people how great you are. 1. Keep it simple. It is the best way to communicate your ideas. Try to define what your business is about in just one line. Once you have it, make your video subject go around that simple message. 2. Underline your originality. In a big city, like Toronto, there are probably several companies that deliver the same, or similar, service or product to yours. Let everybody know what you do that is different and what makes you special in that environment. Present the people behind the brand and make your unique selling point clear. 3. Try your equipment. Before actually thinking about shooting, make sure that you have the right tools, and that they work at a good level. If you are not sure about the quality of your camera, microphones and lights, look for equipment rental services in your area. 4. Tell a story. Write a chronicle about a happy client or about the saga of making your product. If you can make a prospect feel connected to your company, you will have...

5 Tips to Instantly Enhance Video Production Quality

Do you have to make a video about your products or company and don’t know how to make it the best? Some of our strategies may actually work for you. Follow these tips that will turn your video from the average ¨OK¨ presentation into a WOW visual experience: 1. Plan fully. You cannot have a good result if you don’t start with a good plan. Be aware of your budget, so you don’t run out of money half way through your production. Work on a script, so your images and your message actually match each other and review it a few times until you are entirely satisfied. Make sure you have a clear message. The idea is to be totally clear about what you want to say and say it in the best way. 2. Once you have your final script, find a location that suits your theme. Pick it very carefully, so it doesn’t look like something made up. Find the right people as well. You don’t want to use people that are camera-shy or that look too stiff. Choose people that can say their lines naturally. 3. Be very aware of the lighting. You don’t get the perfect light just by turning the room lights on. Use adequate production lights with available lighting to deliver the right atmosphere for your product or presentation. This is a very important matter in corporate video production, because you want to make it look professional, just like your company. 4. Use a microphone. Although some video cameras have excellent built-in microphones, it is very important to be able to control the...

Tips to Choosing a Good CD/DVD Duplication Company in Toronto

When you have achieved the perfect presentation for your business and you want it to be delivered to your customers in a professional, accurate way, it is important that you have the best equipment and software to make the number of copies that you require while keeping the content as great as you first projected it. If you are going to pay good money to have your material duplicated, be sure that the company you hire has the recorders that can keep your information intact whether it is to be copied once or one thousand times. One feature to pay attention to is the relation between sound and image. When you reproduce the material over and again, there can be flaws or skips in some of the DVDs. That can be avoided with the newest software programs and you will be able to keep the quality of your presentation for all your customers. You don’t want to be worried about one prospective client having the one DVD that has the only flaw. As for the image, you want your DVD or CD say something about your company even before playing it. We know the importance of your presentation because communication is our business. That is why we can design a perfect custom-cover and package for your material, or can print a great version of your own design, so the external part reflects the contents. Also we do it on time and respect your budget. We will offer you the best value for your investment. If you want proof of this, just ask for a free duplication quote. You will...


“…always professional, reliable and dedicated to providing quality work and great customer service.” – R. Mantsios, Hallmark Canada


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